Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Valley of Horses

 I started reading The Valley of Horses by Jean M. Auel on my 3 flights that landed me in Port au Prince airport..
What an incredible story, sequel to the book Clan of the Cave Bear that I read when I was 16 or so.

"I guess I didn't believe you would go to the end...If we do meet people how do you know they'll be friendly?"
"That's what a Journey is all about.  Discovering new places, new people.  You take your chances."

After a day of travel.  We land in Port au Prince.  Truly bombarded by men in red shirts who just wanted to make a buck.  "I help you with your bag?"  Etc...  They don't take no, merci for an answer.

We were rescued by our greeting party who drove us through such sights that fascinated me.
People, all people, children, pregnant, young and old.  Some walking, some driving in a truck, on a mo-ped.
Many selling, things, many things, corn, hotdogs, clothes, art, mangoes (piles of mangoes).
The sight that made me laugh and think of my children was hogs, huge hogs, chicken and dogs were foraging through an enormous mound of trash, rubble and who knows what else.
I think of the Piggery Pigs in Ithaca, NY.  They have it so much better off, free range life style.  This scene today, on the other hand was inner city farm animals scrounging for anything to eat.  No grass, just left overs.

There were dogs, the dogs resemble the people, long, sad looking and walking what appears aimlessly.
Even though I've not been here long enough to say for sure, but these Haitians are all on their own journey too.
Just like me and just like you.

The smell is of charcoal in the air, the rain just started dumping down in buckets.  I can smell wet cement and dirt.  It is 85 degrees and very humid.

I look forward to each new day while I'm here. 

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  1. Thanks Bec, so nice to have your perspective. Your pictures take me back and also make me long to go back.