Monday, April 15, 2013

Downtown Port au Prince

a statue of some kind.  Must be someone who made a difference in Haiti.

We saw a couple houses like this.  Almost resemble old Victorian style houses.  There is more wood on this house than others that we've seen.

A doctors office that we passed.  The first clinic of this setting that I've seen.

I have no idea what the tower in the back ground is.

We noticed many houses and buildings that still had earthquake damage.  This is one of them.

Here's Haiti's initial constitution when they became free from France.

A building having some work done.  Look closely you can see earthquake cracks.

Another earthquake damaged building

Men working on a cement sidewalk.

Look at the cluster of houses/shacks.

Another cluster.  These people live is such close quarters.
As we count down the hours that we will be returning home.  We are all anxious and waiting around with nothing more to do.  We did a little more site seeing today.  We took a ride to the Nazarene Bible College not far from where we are staying.  Jim had stayed there and done some work on a building there about 25 years ago.  So it was walking down memory lane. 
Then we ventured to down town Port au Prince where we saw many buildings that were partially destroyed by the earthquake 3 years ago.  We saw a couple areas where there was close knit tent/tarp villages mostly hidden behind high cement walls.
I do hope to have another opportunity to travel and work in other parts of the world, maybe I'll return here some day.  Who knows!

Happy Ending!    Au Revior!

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