Thursday, March 21, 2013


A final thanks to those last minute donators.
I have more than met my fundraising mark.

Thanks to Phil & Linda Groves
and Chris & Becky Haley
and Carolyn Soriano and family

You all rock.

My final count is $2,308.00

As I finish all the planning and details of my trip.
I may not blog again until I arrive in Haiti.
So don't fret, I'll keep you posted. 

Thank you's are in the mail, bracelets are being made and shopping in Haiti will be fun.

Since I've been doing so much reading of Paul Farmer.
Take a listen to an interview about "The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer"

Happy Spring! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tout moun se moun

Tout moun se moun in Creole means: "every person is a person".
I'd imagine this to refer to treating everyone with equality, which I'm sure most of you would agree with.

I have reached my total and beyond needed:  $2,233.00
Thanks to
Mark Barrett
Jessica Sheiman and family
Sandy and Steve Wraight (I will be looking for incredible insects for entomology)
Hal & Sandy Lalime
Dianne Walter for the donation and the duffel bag filled with beautiful handmade clothes
Wendy Milroy for the donation of school supplies

As the days draw near to my departure and my fundraiser has reached it's quota.

I thank all of those who have donated your time, energy and love to support my family and I in this exciting journey to Haiti.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Head, Hearts, Hands and Health - 4H

As this fundraiser draws near an end and the time for my departure draws closer, I find surprises coming my way.

Thanks to Paul & Betsy Haley for the substantial donation.
Thanks to Katie Groves and Kathryn Lalime for your donation and support.

With the leadership of a 4H member to coordinate a baking project and then sell those baked items all over town, 4H has helped me raise $123 towards this Haiti trip so far.  I plan to fill suitcases (2) and deliver needed goods to the orphanage where I will be working and staying.

I am closing in on my full amount needed. I have raised $1,858.  Only $142 to go.

Thanks to everyone who has so graciously given money, offered support and offered to take my children.
What incredible people there are in my life.

I pledge my Head to clearer thinking,
My Heart to greater loyalty
My Hands to larger service and 
My Health to better living
For my club, my community, my country and my world. 

The 4H pledge I am taking a closer look at.
Using the 4Hes to leave an impression on my immediate community and beyond, into Haiti.