Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ice Cream

Many people of all ages carry things on their heads.  Many boys/men have a motorcycle and hang out in the shade with their freres (brothers)

This women just caught my eye.  She's selling sunglasses and other things.

Honking of horns, swerving of tires.  Motorcycles squeeze through lanes of traffic.  They create their own path.

A local city water fill up station.  It's city water.  It doesn't look like a pretty color.  All those buckets are for filling with water.

Vern is playing football (soccer) with T and some kids.

MacKenzey and Vern working on the shelf for dishes.

Ryan proudly pole dancing while he sands down the edges.  He tries to have fun in all he does.  Funny boy!

Rick, Jim and Ryan working on shelves in the hallway.  They are looking good.

Haitians working in the heat of the day on scaffolding, mortaring the bricks.

Taking a little break for some silly fun!

Just a picture I snapped as driving past.

Piles and piles of garbage.  Everywhere.

I love watching the people.

A stop at the Hardware store for some wood screws and a screwdriver.  Completing our projects tomorrow.

Just another picture I took as we drove past.

Their cemeteries are above ground, just like in Louisiana.  In the wet season the water table come up pretty high.  They wouldn't want the dead and buried to resurface.

Lots of people are on moto (motorcycles).  As you can see, there's no helmet laws.

They even carry soda bottles on their heads.

More garbage.  I think there might be pigs foraging through this pile.

If you don't carry things on your heads, wheel barrows are a good way to transport thins too.

We lost electricity and the water barrel ran out of water.  Dad got into the cistern (the metal square on the ground by him), filled up a bucket and took a manual shower with a bucket.
As our time to work comes to an end tomorrow.  I'm amazed at how fast my time here has gone.  It's been wonderful, eye opening and such a revitalizer for me.

I want to give all my readers a challenge.  This weekend, be sure to try to walk through your house or outside with something on your head.  Fold your laundry and balance it on your head to deliver it to it's designated place.  Carry your book or a basket or a folded blanket on your head.  I'd love to hear everyone's experience.

 I awakesometime at night.  I have no concept of time.  I can't tell it it's night or day.  When I think it's night there are still sounds around me, singing, children crying, cars passing.

For breakfast we had fresh bananas, pain potat (potato bread), toast, eggs and course thinck, rich Haitian coffee.

MacKinzey had a touch of Haitian happiness today.  This morning after breakfast, it returned back out into the toilet.  She had a nauseous tummy for some of today.  After a peanut butter power bar, lots of water, a little relaxing and several trips to the potty she was feeling much better.

Today we got alot of work done at the Children's Home.  We arrived earlier than we have past mornings.
We have two teams working on two different projects.  Jim, Ryan and Rick were working on the shelves for the kids supplies.  They almost completed them today.  Vern, MacKinzey and I were working on two 4 feet long shelves for dishes in the kitchen area.  We cut lots and put the frames together today, we just have finishing work to do tomorrow.

For lunch we had fried plantains and fried potatos and spicey colesalaw for lucnch.  All of our lips we couldn't feel after we were done eating.  Jeff, I know you would love the spicy food here.  No need to add hot sauce, they just add fresh garlic, onion and jalapenos to lots of things.

At the children's home they have 3 classrooms.  The kids have school from 9 to 1:00.  There is a baby  who's 18 months old who sits in a playpen at the back of one of the classrooms.  When he got fussy today, I went and grabbed him up.  What a distraction that must be.  It reminded me of homeschooling; having various ages all together.  Davinsly is the little one's name.  He was so happy to be in someone's arms.  He just grabbed on and put his head down on my shoulder.  When we first arrived, Davinsly would walk around crying for someone to pick him up.  His little fuzzy hair and his dark skin is so beautiful. I don't notice any outward affection, in the Children's Home or out in the streets.

To get to the title of my blog.  Tonight Jim and I ran with Madame Gladys to the Eagle Supermarche (Supermarket).  We have offered to make dinner tomorrow night.  So we went to get the ingredients.  We will be making taco salads in case you want to know.  After the supermarche we ran to a local bakery to get ice cream.  We bought strawberry and vanilla.  We brought it back and all 6 of us indulged.  We were happy to have a nice cold treat that was a comfort of home.

My youngest insect collector, Ryan found you a moth today.  It's very pretty. 

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  1. As I comment every time I so enjoy reading your posts, makes me yearn to go back and see the Haitian friends we made 3 years ago. You have made such wonderful lasting memories, thanks for sharing them with us. As I told your dad, you and the team are doing a wonderful work and it shows in your pictures and words. In Christ, Linda