Friday, April 12, 2013

Feeling Warn Out!

Here's little Davinsley.  Playing with blocks.

Dad, proudly eating lunch, leaning against the completed shelf.

View from the roof.  How many goats do you see?  Hey look there's a burro of some kind.

After lunch, the girls came up and played hand games with me.  They chanter (sang) in French.  It was great fun even though I didn't understand many words.

Eating lunch

Turn the computer :)  I'm doing a fun dance with the kids.  They knew how to just lead by directing me with their hands.

The entrance to the kitchen quarters at the Children's Home.

Here's the whole group.  The women/teachers who stay with the children most of the time were doing their hair behind us.  They didn't want to join in the picture.

Rick, Vern and Jim talking and thinking, as usual.  Rick is leaning on a crate of batteries that hold a charge when the generator is turned off.  It will last for maybe 5 hours.  That's the main source of electricity. 

Rick was the master machinist behind the bunk beds design and the main spearhead for this shelving unit completion.     

Rick has been a huge asset to this team.  His precision to detail has proved to be very useful even with the limited machinery we've had.  We've all learned a few things from him.  I know I have.  Add a little oil to a screw and it will go into the wood much easier.  Use a nail as a drill bit to get through wood that might split. 

Vern, was the second in command when it came to the design and construction of things.  His knowledge of working with wood came in super handy.  He's able to give it back to Jim when the time is right.  I'm glad I've been able to have this experience with my super great dad.  I really came here to look out for him and keep him hydrated. :)

Jim's dominance, bold manner and ability to converse with the Haitians, has brought both humor and seriousness when necessary.  Thanks to Jim for coordinating this trip.  I hope he plans a trip to Africa next, hint hint!

MacKenzie has been my female companion, she has talked in her sleep and even cuddled up a few times.  She has good insight into the world from a young perspective.  She seems to be the happiest when bonding with the kids, especially little Davinsley.  She would take him home if she could.  She was always willing to do more sanding, hammer a nail, use a drill or saw.  She's missed her perfume, makeup and proper shower situation for doing herself up.

Last but not least, Ryan.  Oh what to do with that boy.  He has energy of a bufu monkey.  He climbs everything, he does headstands but most importantly he played and played, ran, chased, tickled, and had fun with the kids.  He did lots of hardly working, he said he was our supervisor.  :)  He's good for a laugh and for being a giant pain in the butt. 

Tomorrow and Sunday we will have another tourist day and attend many hours of church.  I will post when I can.
Thanks for following me to Haiti.  This has been my way of keeping a journal and recording my observations, feelings and thoughts right when they happened.

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